Caramel Cheddar Mix


A classic mix of sweet buttery caramel corn and savory artisan cheddar cheese kernels together. The results are simply dishy and delicious. A fabulous combination of savory and sweet flavors, this combination tin is the most popular and best-loved flavors.

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Decadent caramel corn and artisan cheddar kernels together, at last. The results are simply dishy and delicious. A fabulous combination of savory and sweet flavors, this combination tin is the most populor and best-loved flavors.

As always, we start with top-tier popcorn, grown in the Midwest and bursting with genuine corn taste. Slowly simmered for a rich, old-world flavor, our legendary Caramel Popcorn is exquisitely flavored with farm-fresh butter and all-American sugar. We use top shelf premium taste Land O’Lakes that has a creamy robust taste that comes from quality all natural cheese. This mix will be gone in seconds so make sure to order double.

Popcorn will always be the perfect for wedding guest bags, birthdays, events, corporate events, event swag, bar-mitzvah, bat-mitzvah, celebrations. Gluten free, white cheddar popcorn. party favor takeaways, mini treats, table decor, holiday gifts, great in guest bags, . Made to order in Colorado, small batches, corporate events, candy bar, party favors, party takeaways, popcorn bar, functional popcorn, event swag, gluten free, made in Vail Colorado.

Sugarlicious popped your place for the best gourmet popcorn around. We offer a large variety of flavored popcorn and popcorn gift boxes for every occasion.

Don’t be surprised if this sweet and savory caramel cheese gourmet popcorn mix becomes a fast household favorite. Think ahead and buy twice as much when you shop online. Our caramel chedder mix popcorn remains fresh in its resealable bag until you pull it out for those serving bowls and hungry mouths!

Butterfly also known as “snowflake poopcorn” is well known for its use in theater-style and home-popped popcorn products, usually offered-up with nothing more than a little salt and perhaps some melted butter. Its relatively delicate shape means butterfly popcorn is best consumed fresh-popped for maximum crunch and freshness. Mushroom popcorn is perfect for confection-coated applications Its sturdy baseball shape (without those fragile butterfly wings) withstands the processes of candy-coating, and because of its exceptional surface area, accepts other flavors (like cheddar cheese!) very well too. The resulting products are less prone to crushing, and once coated, will  tend to stay fresh and crispy much longer than their uncoated butterfly popcorn counterparts.

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